Did you accidently delete some important files from your computer?
Did a recently terminated employee delete some files off your company computers?
Warlord Computers may be able to assist you.

We have a method that has proven up to 70% of the time to recover lost or deleted data from a hard drive. This process is not 100% Guaranteed but has proven to work most of the time. Due to the difficult nature of this task, we do charge slightly more and require a minimum of 4 hours time to attempt this process. We would need to take your computer or hard drive back to our office to attach to our equipment. At which time we would then scan your computer looking for the deleted data and attempt a recovery. If there is adequate space on your hard drive, we will put it in a special folder marked "Recovery." If there is not enough adequate space, depending on the size of the data, we would then place your data on either a CD/DVD or Flash Drive and the cost of the medium will be added into the price.

Our prices are as follows:

Attempt of Data Recovery Minimum $50
Recovery of up to 80 GB Hard Drive $50
Recovery of 80.1 GB to 160 GB Hard Drive $75
Recovery of 160.1 GB to 320 GB Hard Drive $100
Recovery of 320.1 GB to 500 GB Hard Drive $125
Recovery of 500.1 GB to 1 TB Hard Drive $175
Storage Meduim if needed *Market Price*

Our process is not 100% Guaranteed, and if we attempt to recover data, a minimum of $50 is non-refundable. Hard Drives must be in GOOD WORKING Condition. We do not have the facility or the equipment to attempt data recovery from Defective or Broken Hard Drives

*Market Price is based on the size of the type of Medium that is needed to store your recovered data if we are successful.

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